“The Order Of Coming Events” Part 3

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Bible Prophecy, Church, Hell, Holocaust, Israel, Rapture, Tribulation

The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

            All true Christians believe that Jesus Christ will come back as He said He would (John 14:1-3; Matthew 23:39; Acts 1:10, 11). But there isn’t agreement among them as to when this will take place. Some believe that Jesus will return to earth at the very end of time. Others believe that He will return at the end of the Tribulation, and still others believe that He will return before the Tribulation.

            Confusion. Part of the confusion stems from a failure to understand that the Rapture of the Church to heaven and the second coming of Christ to earth with the Church to reign for 1,000 years are two separate events. A careful student of the Scriptures will recognize the differences between the Rapture and the Second Coming.*

            Anticipated. The Jews who understood the interpretation to King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, that was unveiled for him by the prophet Daniel, were looking forward to God’s establishing a real kingdom here on earth after He destroyed all the kingdoms of mankind (Daniel 2:44, 45). Daniel’s vision went on to convey to the Jews God’s program for the future. It involved “Seventy Weeks” of years (490 years) in which God would accomplish His plan and the promised Messiah would come to rule over this earth (Daniel 9:24-27).

            Parenthesis. Because most the nation of Israel rejected Jesus as their Messiah and had Him crucified by the Romans (John 1:11; Luke 19:14; Acts 4:27, 28), God postponed His program for the Jews and the setting up of Christ’s kingdom on earth (Matthew 16:20; 23:39; Zechariah 12:10). But God isn’t finished with the Jews as a nation (Romans 11:1). Since the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) God has been showing special mercy to the Gentiles and saving many of them.  He’s making them a part of a new creation that consists of believing Jews and Gentiles (Ephesians 2:14-22). This new creation is called “The Christ.”  Jesus Christ is the Head of the true Church that also is called the “Body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12, 13; Ephesians 1:22, 23). Shortly after the true Church is taken from earth to heaven (John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:51, 52), God’s time clock with the Jews will start up again as soon as the Antichrist makes a seven year covenant with the Jews (Daniel 9:27).

            Rescued. Toward the end of the Tribulation, when a remnant of the repentant, believing Jews are about to be annihilated by the invading armies of the world at Armageddon (Revelation 16:16), the Lord Jesus Christ will return with His bride, the Church, from heaven in the nick of time.  The believing Jews will cry out to Him for help (Zechariah 12:10-14). His feet will touch down on the Mount of Olives and it will split in two. He will destroy and take righteous vengeance on His enemies with a very gruesome death (Zechariah 14:1-15; Deuteronomy 32:35; Romans 12:19).

            Purpose. God’s primary purpose is to demonstrate to mankind that He alone is the living and true God (Genesis 15:7; Ezekiel 6:2-29; Isaiah 45:5, 6; Jeremiah 10:10). He will keep all His promises whether we believe them or not. He is the truth and always tells the truth (John 14:6; 17:17).  He is also all powerful, good, righteous, omniscient, holy, and love. These attributes all work in harmony with each other.

            Promises. God promised Adam and Eve that He would crush the devil’s head (Genesis 3:15; Psalm 2:7-9; Revelation 20:1-10). He promised Abraham that He would give to him and his descendants the land that extends from the River in Egypt to the Euphrates River (Genesis 15:18-21; Deuteronomy 30). He promised to restore His theocratic kingdom rule to this earth (Psalm 2; 2 Samuel 7:16; Isaiah 9:6, 7; Daniel 7:13, 14). He promised to remove the curse from nature and cause the desert to blossom as the rose (Genesis 3:17; Isaiah 11:1-9; 35:1ff; Romans 8:22). All these and many more promises will be fulfilled when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to this earth after the seven years of tribulation on earth. For 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-7) this earth will enjoy a time without any wars (Isaiah 2:4).

            New Jerusalem. During the seven years of the Tribulation, Christ and His bride (the true Church) will reside in the New Jerusalem that will be located in the third heaven. It is the place that Jesus went to prepare for us (John 14:1-3; Revelation 21:9-27). We believe that this city (1,500 miles square at the base and 1,500 miles high, either in the shape of a cube or a pyramid) will descend from the third heaven with Christ and the Church when He and His Bride, the true Church return to earth to reign over all the earth (Matthew 24:29, 30). Because of the size of this city, we believe that it will be like a satellite that circles the earth every day and will be visible to the inhabitants on earth. It seems to us that the intense light from the person of Christ (1 Timothy 6:16; Acts 26:13; Psalm 104:2), that shines through this city of transparent gold, will be the source of light for the earth during the millennium (Zechariah 14:6, 7; Revelation 21:23, 24). Since the sun will go out at the end of the Tribulation (Isaiah 30:26; Revelation 16:8, 9; Matthew 24:29), it seems logical to conclude that the earth will need such a light as this for men, animals, and plants to live on earth.

            Rebels. Some believers who physically survive the Tribulation and who enter the millennial kingdom will have children who may not place their faith in Christ alone for their salvation. Outwardly they will need to be submissive to Christ or suffer terrible consequences (Matthew 5:29, 20), but inwardly they will be rebelling against the Lord. Even though the devil will be bound in the sides of the Abyss for 1,000 years, and all of man’s physical needs will be met, man’s sin nature (1 John 1:8; Jeremiah 17:9) will be active and alive and resist the Lord. When the devil is released from the Abyss at the end of the millennium, he will gather all the rebels who will follow him in one final attempt to overthrow God. But that rebellion will be crushed quickly and the devil and all his followers will be cast into the lake of fire to suffer forever (Revelation 20:1-15; Matthew 25:41, 46).

            Choice. Right now, before the Rapture and the Tribulation take place, you have a choice to accept or reject the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior or not. Those who believe on Him will not perish, but have everlasting [eternal] life (John 3:16, 18, 36).  Christ died for our sins…and rose again bodily from the dead on the third day.  Trust Him today!

            Help.  If you have questions/comments, we invite you to call us at 805-238-3549 or visit our website for more help: www.kelseypeach.com.  

* Contrasting the Rapture with the Second Coming





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