“Just Like Glue”

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Gospel, Mothers

His mother had just returned from the hospital. She had been away for such a long time, at least it seemed long to her little boy. But now she was at home again, and he was beside himself with excitement. As soon as he could put his thoughts in to words, he exclaimed, “Mother, you’re just like glue!” At first she didn’t understand what he meant by such an odd expression. But he continued, “I mean, you hold us together. When you are gone, we just fall apart. Sister lives in one place, Buddy somewhere else, and Daddy and I get along by ourselves. You’re just the stuff that keeps us together.”*

Rest In Peace

A four-year-old and a six-year-old presented their Mom with a house plant for Mother’s Day. They had used their own money and she was thrilled. The older of them said with a sad face, “There was a bouquet at the flower shop that we wanted to give you. It was real pretty, but it was too expensive. It had a ribbon on it that said, ‘Rest In Peace.’ We thought it would be just perfect since you are always asking for a little peace so that you can rest.”*

Hand Print On Wall

One day as I was picking the toys up off the floor, I noticed a small hand print on the wall beside the door. I knew that it was something that I’d seen most every day, but this time when I saw it there, I wanted it to stay.

Then tears welled up inside my eyes, I knew it wouldn’t last, for every mother knows her children grow up way too fast. Just then I put my chores aside and held my children tightly. I sang to them sweet lullabies and rocked into the night.

Sometimes we take for granted, all those things that seem so small. Like one of God’s great treasures…. A small hand print on the wall.*

Meanest Mom

We had the meanest mother in the whole world! While other kids ate candy for breakfast, we had to have cereal, eggs, and toast. When others had a Pepsi and a Twinkie for lunch, we had to eat sandwiches. And you can guess our mother fixed us a dinner that was different from other kids had, too.

Mother insisted on knowing where we were at all times. You’d think we were convicts in a prison. She had to know who our friends were, and what we were doing with them. She insisted that if we said we would be gone for an hour, we would be gone for an hour or less.

We were ashamed to admit it, but she had the nerve to break the Child Labor Laws by making us work. We had to wash the dishes, make the beds, learn to cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry, and all sorts of cruel jobs. I think she would lie awake at night thinking of more things for us to do. She always insisted on us telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

By the time we were teenagers, she could read our minds. Then, life was really tough! Mother wouldn’t let our friends just honk the horn when they drove up. They had to come up to the door so she could meet them. While everyone else could date when they were 12 or 13, we had to wait until we were 16.

Because of our mother, we missed out on lots of things other kids experienced. None of us have ever been caught shoplifting, vandalizing other’s property, or ever arrested for any crime. It was all her fault. We never got drunk, took up smoking, stayed out all night, or a million other things, other kids did. Sundays were reserved for church, and we never missed once. We knew better than to ask to spend the night with a friend on Saturdays.

Now that we have left home, we are all God-fearing, educated, honest adults. We are doing our best to be mean parents just like Mom was. I think that’s what is wrong with the world today. It just doesn’t have enough mean moms anymore.*


“’Honor your father and mother,’ which is the first commandment with promise: that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” – Ephesians 6:2, 3


If you have a lot of emotional and/or physical scars that are a result of parental abuse or neglect, there is a loving and kind heavenly Father whom we’d like to introduce to you. He invites us to become a part of His family when we place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins…and rose again bodily from the dead on the third day. He promises to give us eternal life to enjoy right now while we live here on earth.


If you’d like for us to show you from an open Bible how you can have your sins forgiven, be assured of heaven, and how to have your life transformed by the power of God, contact us at 805-238-3549 or visit our website for more information: www.kelseypeach.com

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*Original source unknown


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