An Eerie Moment

Posted: March 3, 2022 in Gospel, Salvation

“My daughter and I were visiting a college in Bangor, Maine. After a nice trip, we had our GPS take us back to the car rental agency. Except … it just didn’t seem like it was taking us the right way. We were in the middle of nowhere and pulled up to a graveyard and the GPS said, ‘You have arrived at your [final] destination.’ ” – Alan Willett, New York [1]

Where we want to go and where we will finally end up in eternity will be determined by the choice we made in this life with reference to the Lord Jesus Christ to accept Him as our personal Savior or not.

He is the virgin born, sinless, God-man, Who died for our sins, was buried, and Who rose again bodily from the dead on the third day. God’s only requirement for our entering into heaven, rather than spending eternity with the devil and his angels/demons in the lake of fire, is for us to put our faith and trust in Him alone for our salvation. No amount of good works can save us. Nor can our faith plus our good works save us. [2]

It is by God’s grace (unmerited favor) alone, that we are saved by faith (believing) alone, in the Christ of the Scriptures alone. The Christs of the cults can’t save anyone. [3]

If you are not absolutely sure that you will go to heaven the moment you die, please let us help you gain assurance of this as I did many years ago. If you’ve been saved, we want to help you grow spiritually, serve God and others effectively, and reproduce other believers.

We can be reached here or through our website:


[2] Gospel presentations – audio/video, illustrated:

[3] Which Jesus Saves?

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