Three Important Questions

Posted: April 6, 2022 in Evagelism, Gospel, Heaven, Hell, Salvation

Sure? Why? Lose?

I enjoy talking to people – that is, to most people. I’ve met a lot of interesting people in my life and have some long time friends (perhaps acquaintances) with whom I like to stay in touch.

Concern. One of my main concerns for others has to do with their eternal destiny. I believe that people, once they have been conceived in the womb, live forever somewhere. We all have everlasting existence, but we don’t all have “eternal life” – God’s quality of life until we’ve been “born again from above” (John 3:3-7, 16, 36; 5:24; See 2 Peter 1:3, 4).

Gospel. This comes to us when we place our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, Who died for our sins, was buried, and Who rose again bodily on the third day (Acts 16:31; 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4). This is the Gospel that is the power of God unto our salvation. (Romans 1:16, 17).

Real Places. The Scriptures teach the reality of heaven and hell. Knowing what it says about hell, I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy. We’re told that it is a place of outer darkness, where there is weeping and the gnashing of teeth that lasts forever (Matthew 23:41; 25:41, 46). Unbelievers are not annihilated or reincarnated at the time of their death. The devil would want people to believe this lie.

Questions. After talking with people to learn more about them, I try to steer the conversation around to spiritual things if I can. I like to ask three important questions to find out what they believe:

SURE? Are you absolutely sure that if you died today you’d immediately go to heaven? Then I wait for their answer. Most people aren’t sure but hope they will get there eventually.

WHY? Why should God let you into His heaven? The usual answer is “I live a pretty good life and I try to keep the commandments.” Few people say, “He shouldn’t let me into heaven, but I’ve trusted in Christ through the Gospel and know and believe that He has saved me by His grace.”

LOSE? If someone gives a relatively good answer to the previous question, I like to ask, “Is there anything you could do or fail to do that would cause you to lose your salvation? Some people lack assurance of their salvation. Others demonstrate that they aren’t really trusting in Christ alone, but in their faith plus their good works to get saved and stay saved.

My Story. Sometimes I share my personal testimony of my religious background as a “missionary kid” and how I came to have assurance of my salvation when I was in my second year of college. I had known and believed the facts of the Gospel that Christ died for my sins…and rose again bodily from the dead on the third day(1 Corinthians 15:3, 4), but I used to think that I had to contribute some good works to be saved, or that if I sinned after my profession of faith, I must not have been saved.

Promise. As I was reading my Bible one day, I came across the verse in 1 John 5:13 which says, “These things I [the Apostle John] have written to you who believe in the name [person and work] of the Son of God, that you may know [not wish, hope, or think] that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.”

Assurance. That day I took God at His Word and gained assurance of my salvation that came from the Scriptures and from God the Holy Spirit who indwells believers (Romans 8:16). This didn’t mean that I stopped sinning completely, but that I had received a new nature from God and a new potential so I didn’t have to keep on sinning against God (1 John 2:1).

Confess. Today, when I sin (act lawlessly) as a Christian, I’m to confess my sins to God the Father and then claim His forgiveness (1 John 1:9; See also James 5:16). Dire consequences may result if I don’t make things right with God promptly (See 1 Corinthians 11:30; James 5:19, 20; 1 John 5:16). My new nature from God the Father wants to do what is right in His sight even when my sin nature wants me to sin – act lawlessly (See Romans 7:15-25).

Be Honest. How would you answer these three questions? If you have any doubts about your future deliverance from hell to heaven, please contact us so we can help you gain assurance of your salvation.

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