“Misleading Leading Questions”

Posted: July 27, 2022 in Evagelism, Gospel, Salvation

by David K. Spurbeck, Sr.

Too often churches accept the testimonies of candidates [for church membership] that are an eternity away from the gospel of Christ. [Here are some examples.] “I asked Jesus to come into my heart.” “I prayed the sinners prayer, ‘God, be merciful to me a sinner.'” “I accepted Christ as my Savior.” “I love Jesus.” “I prayed to be saved.” “I repented of my sins.” “I confessed Jesus as Lord.” “I was born into a Christian family.” “I have attended church all my life.” “I opened my heart’s door and let Jesus come in.” “I walked the aisle. …” “I raised my hand. …” “I saw Jesus.” “I worked for God.” “I was baptized.” “I cried out to God to save me.” “I cried when I heard about Jesus.” “My mother taught me to pray at her knee.” “I prayed for salvation.” “I have been a church member.”

The number of the bogus testimonies given for membership would fill volumes. Not one of these is a part of the gospel by which you are saved. Many times a person’s testimony is ignored for the sake of the addition of a new member to the roll. It makes the additions report look better. With testimonies like these, leading questions can be asked to justify a “yes” vote. Up comes the “Are you a Christian?” question. Most Americans can answer that with a “yes.” After all isn’t this a Christian nation? A “yes” answer hides the reality that a person is not saved.

“We do have some perfectly good questions that aren’t leading questions. “How do you know that you are saved?” This question gives the candidate a perfect opportunity to say that he has believed the gospel concerning Christ and to identify the gospel by which one is saved. In response to the “I believed in Jesus Christ” answer, one might ask, “What did you believe about Christ to be saved?” This is a perfect question that encourages a person to give the gospel accurately. Again, if the person believed the gospel, he should be able to give the essential facts — Christ died for my sins, was buried and rose again.”

To read the rest of this article, and to help you become a more effective witness for Christ, you are invited to read the rest of this article by Professor David K. Spurbeck, Sr. “Monograph # 3, Misleading Leading Questions Protecting the Church in the Membership Candidate Interview.”


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