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Posted: June 1, 2016 in Links

List of Quick Links

Compiled by Kelsey Pietsch



NKJV Scofield Study Bible (This is the study Bible I currently use and recommend to others). Available at Christian book stores or on line.

Dramatized Audio Bible in several translations read by Stephen Johnston (Listen on line)

The Word Of Promise in NKJV (Dramatized. Good for listening to the Word of God while driving to work)

Bible Reading Schedule:

Bible Survey

Bible Panorama. (Ask us about this.)

Survey of the entire Bible

Clear Gospel

Presented by Ron Shea (Excellent booklet with pictures to illustrate. In many languages.)




God’s Simple Plan Of Salvation by Ford Porter

In 24 languages (Read on line)

In 122 languages (Over 620 million copies of this tract has been shipped out.)

Bible Study Tools

Eight ways to communicate with God (Pray)

How To Study The Bible

Dispensations Chart

Bible Doctrine (What the Bible teaches)

Statement of Faith Dr. H. L. Schafer, Dr. Rich Steeg, David Spurbeck, etc.

Audio lectures:

Concise statement:

Bible Basics (Outlines)

Doctrinal Statement:

Dr. Lewis S. Chafer:

Ray Stedman:

Dr. C. I. Scofield:

Dr. Andy Woods:

Various subjects of value

Newspaper Articles (Many of these are summaries of my messages at church. Some of these articles appear each week in our local newspaper and are posted on “Our Blog.” We have written over 400 articles on a variety of subjects.)

Internet Messages

Dr. J. Vernon McGee (Get on the “Five Year Bible Bus”)

Faith Pulpit (Helpful short articles by professors at Faith Baptist Bible College)

The Will Of God For Christians

God’s Promises

Free downloads:

Bible Prophecy

Book of Revelation. Audio messages by Dr. H. L. Schafer, my former Seminary professor.

Pre-Trib researech center

Blind (Visually Impaired) A lot of good articles and links:

Scripture Memory

Spanish Material